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Dirty old men with younger girls

An old guy having sex with a young girl is still a controversial topic. People are mostly jealous though. As long as she's 18 and it's all consensual, it's nobody's business but theirs. Youth these days is much more self-aware and assertive. Girls know what they want and more often than not, they prefer experienced, older men. Guys who have accomplished something in life and are reaping the rewards. Seniors who can carry a conversation and know how to talk to a girl.

Imagine one of these cuties hooking up with a horny grandpa. Some ugly pensioner aching for teen pussy. It does happen - and a lot more than you probably think. Girls are just walking up to these old farts and flat-out asking them for sex, no questions asked. Others like to flirt and tease them for months before they "give in". Whether they're looking for a sugar daddy or a lasting relationship: guys over 40 can still pick up teens if they want to! Older men tend to get nervous because they're convinced these girls are repulsed by them. That simply isn't true for millions of girls out there. Be charming, show some patience and you'll be enjoying teen sex in no time... In the meanwhile though, make sure to bookmark oldyoung.us and enjoy our daily updates. You'll soon notice how many girls out there have no inhibitions when it comes to old young sex and age gap relationships. In fact, many teens are sick of guys their own age and are actively looking for an older man with more composure and patience...

A teen discovers her old young fetish

Audrey stepped out of the bank's revolving door and blinked in the sunlight. It was only May, but the little town was as hot as if it were midsummer. She clutched her bag tightly and started down the unshaded street. She'd just withdrawn all her savings. It wasn't much - how could it be? At age 19 she'd only been saving for a couple of years. But if anything happened to it she'd be penniless. The clock on the corner said three o'clock. Nearly two hours to kill until she could board the plane to New York. She stopped in front of a cafe and peered through the glass. The place was almost empty, except for a couple of truck drivers sitting at the counter. At least it was air-conditioned. She slid into a booth and a waitress with too much cleavage shuffled over. In a few hours she'd be gone from this hick town - gone for good.

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She stared at herself in the mirrored wall beside the booth. Her blonde hair was pulled back tightly into a bun at the nape of her neck. She looked hot, her nice wide-set blue eyes staring back at her. There was no denying that. But her clothes certainly weren't. Some make-up would probably help too, but she wasn't sure how to go about it. One course they didn't offer at the state teacher's college was "How to Make Yourself Look Glamorous." In fact, they seemed to think high school students should look as drab and uninteresting as possible. The plain shirtwaist dresses and the "sensible" flat heeled shoes. The waitress set her drink on the table. Did she take the hint? She took a cautious sip. Ah! Alcohol! She wasn't legal to drink yet, but most bartenders and waitresses can "take a hint", so to speak. Thirstily, she drank it down and ordered another. "Excuse me, ma'am," the waitress said, "these drinks are pretty strong. Just thought I'd better warn you."

"I know what you mean," Audrey giggled tipsily. "I can feel the effects already. But I'll just finish this one." She paid the check and stumbled out of the booth. On the hot sidewalk again, Audrey wondered what she could do until plane time. She had left her folks' home that morning. Couldn't go back there. And there wasn't time for a movie. She strolled down Main Street, glancing in the shop windows. Around a corner, the infamous "Ero-Wear" sign appeared. Should she...? They sell sex toys, lingerie and stuff. She'd never dared enter the place before. The local town gossip can be insidious, you know. But she'll be gone in a matter of hours. Curious, she went over and looked in the window. It was crammed full of mesh hose, G-strings, strippers' bras, and rows of ridiculously brief ruffled panties. Still feeling a little giddy from the drinks, Audrey chuckled softly. Stores like that are almost blasphemous in a tight-laced little town like this one. It would be fun to wear some of those panties...

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Those sex toys excited her

Well, why not? It was as good a way as any to start her personal rehabilitation program. Feeling a little naughty, she gathered up her nerve and went inside. A bell tinkled over the door as she closed it and a small, unobtrusive looking elderly man emerged from somewhere in the back of the store. A pair of old-fashioned silver rimmed spectacles were perched on his nose. This guy must've been 80 years old. If he was surprised to have a female customer, he didn't show it.

"May I help you, Miss?" he inquired politely. "Well, I β€” I'm not sure just what I want," Audrey stammered. "Something frilly and, well, feminine." Oh God what was she getting herself into? If someone saw a young girl, alone in a sex shop with a dirty old pervert...

Charming 80 year old man

"For yourself, Miss?" The little man looked at her with a glare that strangely excited her. "I'm moving to New York. Sort of starting a new life. And, well, I just wanted to try some things on, if that's ok." The proprietor raised one hand. "Say no more, Miss. I understand perfectly." His voice was low and sympathetic. "Tell me your size and I'll show you lingerie that would make the Maharajah's wife herself turn green with envy!" Jeez, he sounds like an 80-year-old, that's for sure! But then he came out from behind the counter and locked the front door of the shop! Turning to Audrey, he said, "Come. I'll show you my Paradise Room." A chill ran down Audrey's spine and made her crotch area tingle. The inside of the shop was small and dusty. Very little light filtered through the grimy windows. "I β€” I don't think I want to see it," Audrey faltered.

"Please, Miss, don't be alarmed," the old hermit pleaded, "I locked the door because I don't want anyone to wander in while I'm not out here in front. I take it you wouldn't appreciate any onlookers?" Hmm, she had to admit, that sounded kinda sweet. Audrey followed him to the back of the store. The old man unlocked a door, ever so slowly... You know, even if he tried, this frail elderly man was in no condition to hurt her. They stepped into a dimly lit little hall. At the end of it, he pulled aside a beaded curtain and ushered her into a room. Persian tapestries and gilded mirrors covered the walls. Low divans and tables of intricately carved wood were the only furnishings.

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A mysterious sexual tension

The shop owner seated her on one of the couches. He clapped his hands and a woman appeared. Oh, good! Audrey felt totally at ease now. This lady looked about 25 and was wearing a costume with a veil covering the lower part of her face. Her breasts were barely covered - and on her feet were the strangest shoes Audrey had ever seen. "Allow me to introduce my wife, Jatasha," he said. "She will help you pick your new outfit. And now, excuse me while I go and make preparations." Preparations? For what? And how did this oldtimer ever hook up with a girl at least 3 times younger than him?

Jatasha's dark slanting eyes smiled at Audrey. Her voice was low and partially muffled by the veil. "You are fortunate, my lady, to be permitted to enter the Paradise Room. Jawahl, my husband, shows it to very few strangers. Members only, you know. Audrey didn't know what to say. "I never saw such a strange and exotic place before - I don't have much money..." Jatasha went over to one of the low tables and began pouring tea. She handed Audrey a tiny steaming cup, and sat down beside her. "Oh, don't worry about the expense," she said. "When Jawahl invites a young lady into the Paradise Room, his payment is his joy in making you into a thing of beauty." The proprietor re-appeared. Audrey wouldn't have recognized him except for the glasses still perched on his nose. He was wearing a loose fitting silk robe, arms folded across his chest. He bowed before her.

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Half-naked young models

The first model who entered was a petite little blonde. Her firm young breasts were held high by a lowcut strapless bra of black lace. A black garter belt peeked through her black silk panties. Her legs were encased in sheer black hose and on her tiny feet she wore black patent leather pumps with six inch heels. She couldn't have been older than Audrey. Smiling impishly, she twirled around in front of her. "Millie's bra is made of the best imported French lace," Jawahl explained. "It is designed to hold the bosom high and erect." Audrey gasped as Millie unfastened the bra and took it off. She held it in front of Audrey's face, pointing out the tiny delicate stitches inside the garment. "Her hose are woven of the finest black silk threads. You shall have six dozen pairs of them."

"But-but, I told you I can't spend that much," Audrey protested. The old man raised a silencing hand. "All I ask in return is that you never mention the Paradise Room to any one. And, one more thing. I'll tell you after we are finished here." Audrey settled back in her seat, puzzled and excited at the same time. This old perv was totally charming in his own way and she couldn't help but feeling kinda special. She's always had a thing for older gentlemen and had hardly dated any of the guys in class.

She wasn't ready to admit it just yet, but the thought of something sexual happening in this strange room turned her on big time. But for now, she sipped her tea and watched the parade of models. There were ten of them - 10! - wearing different outfits, each one more revealing than the next. There were tiny panties and see-through negligees, designer hot pants and vulgar sex gear. By the time the tenth girl came out, Audrey's head was spinning, her pussy now completely soaked and her nipples erect. Jatasha leaned over and squeezed her arm. "Come," she said. "The fashion show is over. Now comes the transformation." What? Oh! She gets to wear some!

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Entering the old young world

Audrey followed her into a little dressing room that opened off the entrance hall. The veiled woman quickly unfastened Audrey's dress and helped her slip out of it. Still in a daze, Audrey allowed herself to be dressed in the black lace undergarments and the silk hose. With quick deft movements, Jatasha rearranged her hair. Next she smoothed on some sweet-smelling makeup and eye shadow. Audrey stared at her reflection in disbelief. "Is that me?" she asked incredulously. She looked like a million bucks. The girl any guy would just die for.

Old/young story
You are a beautiful young girl, but would you object to a very old man touching your breasts and, perhaps, putting his wrinkled penis in your pussy?

The black stockings and the stiletto heeled pumps accentuated every curve. "I hope I can walk in these," she giggled, and took a few cautious steps. "Now you'll need a new dress. You can't wear that old one over your new lingerie," Jatasha said. She held out a black piece which looked like it'd be perfect. "Wait one moment before you put that on." Ah, there was the gray old geezer, Audrey has been wondering where he went. "I've come to collect my payment," he said. Audrey stepped back, teetering a little on the unaccustomed high heels. "What β€” what do you mean?"

Jawahl moved closer to her. "Yes, I do remember. But you never told me what it was." Audrey could feel her face turn crimson-red under all this scrutiny. She was practically naked, but instead of panicking, she felt more aroused than ever before. "You are a beautiful young girl, but would you object to a very old man touching your breasts and, perhaps, putting his wrinkled penis in your pussy?" He didn't really wait for a reaction and sat down on the dressing table bench. "Turn around, please."

This young girl wants to fuck an elderly man

Audrey almost orgasmed right there. She'd never felt like this before. She wanted to do him. Fuck this elderly man until his cock turns purple! She had no reason to hold back and relished the fact it was her choice, and hers alone. Oh yes sir, this great-grandpa was going to have his way with her and nobody was going to stop her! There was still time before the plane left. Still blushing, Audrey revolved slowly before him. She could see herself in the mirror behind his head. Her breasts were now barely covered by the strapless bra and her hard nipples were peeking out. The old man stepped forward and grabbed her ass cheek. "I could tell you need to learn some important lessons from an older gentleman before you step out into the wide unknown." She couldn't help but giggle at all the formalities, but she had to admit he'd charmed her out of her knickers and now found herself grabbing for his dick.

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Audrey grabs his wrinkly cock

"Oh, my..." Jawahl breathed, now slumping forward to move his fingers over her pussy lips. Audrey looked up and noticed Jatasha removing the old perv's pants. How sweet! Suddenly, the little man tightened his grip and spun her around, pushing her against the big table. Yes! The old hermit had more strength in him than Audrey suspected. His big hairy belly was rubbing against her back when he mounted her. She hadn't had the chance to fuck a lot of guys at just 19 years old, but sexual ecstasy took hold of her and didn't let go. She was being fucked from behind by an 80-year-old creep and she loved it! Audrey let go of all her past inhibitions and pushed her ass back up against this perverted pensioner's slow but deep thrusts. She remembered Jatasha fingering her ass - so tight - before the old man buttfucked her medieval-style. And she remembered climaxing all the way through.

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Paradise room

"Oh, just an ordinary looking grandfather type. Short, wore silver-rimmed glasses. Very nice, but I'll bet you look more like your mother." Audrey leaned back and closed her eyes. That must have been Jawahl. But the past two hours couldn't really have happened. How did she get on the plane? If she told any one, even the sympathetic young man next to her, they'd think she was crazy. Probably what really happened was that those drinks she'd had in the cafe earlier had knocked her out, and some kindly old man had helped her get to the plane.

Yes, that would be a logical explanation. Surely no such fantastic place as a 'Paradise Room' existed. That dream did make her all horny though. Audrey crossed her legs and they made a swishing sound. The sound of silk rubbing against silk. Her eyes popped open. She sat up straight and looked at her legs.

Happily ever after

She was wearing gossamer sheer black silk hose and on her feet were black patent pumps with six inch heels! She ran her fingers over one smooth calf. "Hope you didn't get a run in those beautiful stockings," her neighbour commented. "By the way, your grandfather left this box. Said it was some clothing you bought just before plane time." Bewildered, Audrey took the package from him and laid it on her lap. For the first time she noticed that she was wearing a richly brocaded black sheath dress. No, no. It couldn't be true. There was no secret back room in a shoddy little Alabama store. It was all a dream. "Here's your aspirin," the young man beside her went. "Thank you," she murmured. "You're very kind." He smiled. "It's easy with someone as lovely as you. Tell me, I'm curious β€” where in the world did you get such gorgeous hose and shoes? I didn't know they had such things in Alabama." Audrey lowered her eyes. In one corner of the box on her lap was a small monogram. The graceful intertwined letters were "P. R."

"No, I didn't get them in Alabama," she told him. "They were made in old/young paradise!"

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